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Hanko- Wood[木科]

Hanko- Wood[木科]

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How to Personalize your Hanko:

     1. Add your chosen product to your cart.

     2. Proceed to the cart page and enter your name in the "Name" field.

     3. Specify your name to be written on the stamp. If you don't know, Japanese character,  write your "English name" so that we will convert it to Japanese characters. For example: [e.g., Helen].   If you don't provide a name in the order note, we will use the first name you provided in your order details. [Please note that full names may be shortened to fit within the maximum supported character limit]

About this Item:

  • Size: Available in 12mm options.
  • Style: Choose from Gyosyotai, Kouintai, or Reisyotai styles.
  • Material: Crafted from high-quality wood.
  • Shape: Round for a classic and traditional look.
  • Maximum Supported Characters: Up to 4 characters for a concise and elegant design.

Katakana is the most common script used for Japanese name stamps by foreigners and non-Japanese individuals.We can also assist with translating your English name into Japanese characters and have your customized  Hanko delivered to your foreign address.

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